[Important!]Be careful of fake Factor!!!Factor#1212=Real Factor September/2020 Status : VIP Pak hack: Undetected |Apex Legend : Undetected | Barite: Undetected | Fussy: Undetected Factor 9.4: Undetected | Become VIP Here |
Information: Please take a moment and visit your profile to choose a flag.

Free Tools

Forum rules
We don't take any responsibility if you get ban using any tools here
Make sure scan all files with virustotal,And protect your account with steam guard!

Q: Is Safe to use?
A: Alt + F4

Q:How to use it?
A:Alt + F4

Q:Will i get ban of it?
A: Alt+ F4

Q:Is that still undetected?
A: Alt + F4
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