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[Pak Hack][PUBG] Factor 8.0 - Undetected 21/11/2018

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:44 pm
by Factor


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Release 13/9/2018

Undetected 21/11/2018

Change Log :
Added new function Instant hit
Updated for new PUBG update
Completely Changed bypass
Little Funny unlock Game for new functions
Added New functions:
Desert map ESP, No broken Cars
Fixed map grey problem,
Added New gun No recoil
New UI

New Gun no recoil:

Don't fucking steal my GIF again
Make one by your self it's not fucking hard


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Factor 8.0


Gun skins

50%/ 70% /100% norecoil on all new weapons

no grass / no ground / snow ground /

yellow/red/blue/pink/rainbow/Gold player

Freeze target/ Rare items show in balls/Go through objects

Instantly hit/Double damage when punch/Mosaic walls

Coloured box /better sound /no trees rocks/No seas /No bush/ No smoke and flash/No suns

No windows/No trees/Desert map ESP/No broken Cars/Instantly Hit

Game play: